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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hey everyone

This past week has been crazy for us. We have been working away on the website, writing web comics, designing characters, drawing some freelance zombies, compositing Max’s book and talking with all the people we met at industry day last week. There is a lot going on, it’s Awesome.

New Stuff on the Site

We have been doing a lot of things to the site over the last week and are happy with how it’s been going. The most common question we get is “What is Awesome Labs Anyhow?” So now we have added the amazing “About Us” tab at the top of the page. As of now there is some basic information about the kind of work we do and services we have on offer as well as a little bit of business philosophy to give a little further taste of just the kind of hippies you’re dealing with.

We also have added Twitter to our little world. Join us on Twitter for those constant updates from us that you just can’t wait for, or just to make us feel good. Nothing boosts our ego like a new twitter follower. On a similar note keep an eye out for our Facebook page in the next few days. It’s almost ready and is a great way to follow us, support us and yes...boost our egos.

The Adventures of Rusty Blanketts and Moustache Carruthers

We got a nice chunk done on this project this week, and we are very close to revealing it to the world. All I can tell you at this point is that it is a comic, it will be starting with web comics and eventually include graphic novels, and that there will be new pieces of art up on the Rusty and Moustache page of Awesome Labs regularly (including a new one just today). Check them out and stay tuned for more on when to expect the first comic pages.

Sheridan Industry Day

I have previously mentioned how much fun we had at industry day this year. The only thing as fun as Industry Day is following up with all the people we met there. We have just begun looking through everyone’s blogs and are getting caught up on our email from everyone. We haven’t been able to get back to everyone yet (we will) and there are still so many graduates we want to talk to. To those of you that we have talked to, it has been a pleasure so far, stay in touch. On that note don’t be shy to e-mail us, we love talking to artists.

And finally the best part of any post... A piece of artwork from around the studio this week.



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